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28.I'll scratch yours
Calhoun walked in the front door expecting to see her husband to be his happy cheerful self.what she saw though,was far from cheerful.Felix was laying face down on the couch.his hat,belt,and hammer laying without a care on the floor.
"Felix you ok?"Calhoun ask.her cheerful mood gone.she got a muffled reply."babe?"Calhoun ask.she picked him up only for him to hiss in pain.
"aw."Felix whimpered.Calhoun carefully sat down and put him in her lap.
"sorry.whats wrong?"Calhoun ask.
"not one player who knew what they were back is killing me."Felix groaned.Calhoun gave an apologetic look and kissed his forehead."i know Ralph tried not to throw them as hard but its part of our game."Felix added.
"awe,bad day?"Calhoun ask.
"that doesn't even begin describe it.nobody could get past the seventh kid repeatedly played just slamming me into ducks and bricks.two kids that couldn't even see over the consol played."Felix complained."and to top it all off,the last three kids that played
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29.Welcome any time!
Tamora sat straight up in her bed.she put a hand to her head.she could feel the tears running down her face.
"pull yourself togethre you pussywillow."Calhoun huffed to herself.she stood from her bed and dried her face.dressed in her pj's she made her way out of Hero's Duty and towards Fix-it Felix Jr.she was not herself right now.she jumped at every sound and almost screamed when she heard Ralph snore as she walked by.she snuck up to Felix's house and climbed up and into the window.when she saw Felix sleeping she realized she didn't want to wake him so she snuck down stairs and layd on the couch.she curled in a ball and tried to sleep.she woke up from another nightmare and found herself on the floor.she heard the sound of feet.the lights flicked on and she looked up to see Felix come running down the stairs with a bat.
at least it's not his hammer...
Tamora thought.
"T-Tammy?Felix ask.slowly he lowered and dropped the bat."what are you doing here?"Felix ask walking over to her.
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23.Not your fault
"woah!i'll get that you don't need to."Felix said.he knelt down and picked up the broken plate.
"i'm pregnate Fix-it not glass."Tamora smiled.
"your also due in three bending over,no heavey lifting."Felix said sternly.
"i don't care what you say Fix-it i will bend over if i need to.beside's it's not like i'm going to get stuck."Calhoun said.Vanellope came over afew hours later and took Calhoun to her game for a little while.Felix had just sat down to relax when he got a call.he picked up his phone and flipped it open.
"hello?"Felix ask cheerful.
"Vanellope!is something wrong?!"Felix ask.
"alright calm down Vanellope.are standing beside her?"Felix ask.he was paniking but he tried to remain calm.
"yes.she's right here."

"it's ok Tammy i'll be there soon."Felix said."alright Vanellope where are you guy's at?"Felix ask.
"we're in the bakery!we we
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22.Lil Ralph,big Ralph
"i'm not sure what happened.i came in and he was just sitting on the floor."Felix said over the phone.he put a hand over the end of his phone and looked into the living room.he was still there sleeping on the floor."what?no he's alot smaller i mean i'm taller then him.when i walked in he seemed a bit more childish then normal but he didn't say anything to me.wha?oh he's sleeping now on the floor."Felix said."i'm in the kitchen."Felix sighed."alright see you in twenty."Felix said and hung up.he paced in the kitchen untill the backdoor opened behind him.
"alright short stack let's have it."Calhoun said.Felix pointed silently to the living room and Calhoun unholstered her weapon walking slowly and softly into the living room.she stood infront of the person curled on the floor.she reholstered her weapon and knelt down."i think you have a glitch.he's a lot younger,i'd say about Vanellope's age,maybe even younger."Calhoun whispered.Felix silently crept out of the kitchen.
"think there's a po
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Vanellope insisted on watching some racing show,so they did.they sat on her peppermint couch and watched.she sat on Ralphs shoulders putting ribbons,bows,and clips in his hair.
"hey Wreck-it you do know-"Calhoun started.
"yeah."Ralph said trying to shake them out."learned it's best to wait untill she's finished."Ralph replied.Felix looked over and smiled slightly then turned back to the tv.he and Calhoun were snuggled together on the couch and Felix was almost asleep when he heard Vanellope laugh.he looked over and rolled his eye's when he saw Ralph with on hand feeling his hair and his face jaw dropped.his hair was clipped and bowed up.most of his hair was in a giant standing bow in the center of his head.Calhoun laughed and Felix giggled.
"it's so cute!is there anything that i cannot do?"Vanellope ask smiling.Ralph and finally wiped the look off his face and sat quietly on the couch.Felix looked at the tv again and was unperpared for the small girl to bounce and land on his lap.she h
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Felix shook and pressed against the counter.he was in a ball on the floor with his back pressed against the counter,trying to stay as far away from the windows as he could.the thunder roared outside the game consol causing him to yelp and press even further into the counter.
"Fix-it!i'm home!!"Calhoun shouted.she heard thunder and Felix's yelp and quickly made her way to the kitchen.she didn't expect to see what she saw when she got into the kitchen.Felix was curled in a ball he looked like he was trying to hide.he looked like he'd never even heard her.worried she knelt down beside him."Felix?"Calhoun ask.she gently reached out and pulled him into her."hey,Honeyglow you ok?"Calhoun ask.Felix nodded but didn't reply."whats wrong?why are you trying to become part of the counter?"Calhoun ask.the thunder outside roared and caused their house to shake slightly.Felix whimpered and curled up into a ball finally clicked in her mind."oh,Honeyglow."Calhoun cooed.she had a small smiled
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25.Built it myself
"Felix what happened?"Calhoun ask.she knelt down infront of him and wiped some of the black off his face.she pulled it to her face and sniffed it."grease?"Calhoun ask.Felix avoided her eye contact and he had the honeyglows.
"i'll explain just let me get cleaned up.i'm covered in grease and paint and oil."Felix said.Calhoun nodded."by the way don't eat anything i have some stuff planned."Felix added and went to get a shower.after ten minutes he got out and dressed in a pair of shorts and his under shirt.
"well whats going on here?your normally dressed nicely."Calhoun smirked.
"well what we are going to do is going to be messy."Felix said.
"should i get changed then?"Calhoun ask.
"not yet.i have something for you first."Felix said.he walked over to the closet and pulled something out."happy birthday Tammy."Felix said and handed it to her.she opened was a black and red racing out fit with a black racing helmet that had Hero's Duty in a bright yellow on the back.
"thanks's g
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26.Leave her alone!
Felix was worried.he'd come home and looked for his beautiful wife but she wasn't he checked Game Central Station and she wasn't there.he headed back to his game and got changed.once his Hero Duty armor was on and his gun was loaded and holstered,started on his way.
"Mr.Markowski!"Felix wasn't unusual for Felix to be there.
"hey Privet."Markowski replied with a waive.
"have you seen Sergeant Calhoun?"Felix ask.Markowski thought for a moment.
"she was about to leave someone met her at the gate and they dissapeared inside the base."Markowski replied.he pointed the way they went.
"thanks!"Felix smiled and raced off that way.his armor was a bit heavey but he was used to it by now.he followed the hallways making his way around looking for his wife and this mysterious person.
"hey there Privet."Kohut said.Felix smiled and waived.
"hello Mr.Kohut."Felix waived.Kohut laughed.
"so what are you doing here?"Kohut ask.
"i can't find Sergeant Calhoun have you seen her?"Felix ask.
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Tamora stared at the group.they had been visiting a new game called Kim Possible and the three had gone wondering looking for her and got caught in an experiment.
"F-Felix?"Calhoun ask.he nodded."what happened to you three?!"Calhoun ask looking at them.
"we got caught with that Dr. dude."Ralph said.he'd been turned into a dog,Vanellope a cat,and Felix a bear.all were about half their original size or so.
"Dr.Drakken."Kim corrected.Calhoun looked down and picked up Felix.
"you gotta admit though,they do look kinda cute."Ron said.Calhoun almost agreed they did look cute but that wasn't the matter at hand.
"Ron!not helping!"Kim grawled.
"is there any way to change them back?"Calhoun ask as Felix relaxed her grip.
"they tried already!"Vanellope exclaimed from her spot on Ralph's back.
"watch the ears kid."Ralph replied.
"it i'll wear off eventually."Kim tried with a slight shrugg.
"EVENTUALLY?!"Calhoun shouted.the other three flinched and covered their ears.Felix looked up from where he la
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Calhoun,Fix it,and Vanellope :icongirsgirly:girsgirly 9 3 Felix :icongirsgirly:girsgirly 10 2 Calhoun first try :icongirsgirly:girsgirly 3 0
the last game of the day was over and Felix hopped down to help Ralph up out of the mud.
"thanks."Ralph said wiping the mud off himself.Felix smiled and nodded.Felix grabed his hand and locked his fingers with Ralphs.Ralph smiled and they started walking.they had talked randomly about different video games.
came from behind them,causing Felix to jump.they turned around to see a few ducks looking at them.Felix gulped and backed up a little.
"oh ducks."Ralph smiled.
the two ducks replied.Felix let go of Ralphs hand and stepped back as the taller played with the duck walked over to Felix looking at him quacked and flew at him.Felix screamed and ducked down quickly,but the duck snatched his hat.Ralph jumped at his screamed and looked towards him.a few ducks surrowned him.Ralph glared and stomped over.
"hey!beat it!"Ralph shouted.they started flying off."and give me that!"Ralph grawled and snatched the hat back from the duck.Felix st
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Felix in Hero's Duty
as soon as Felix stepped into the game he knew something was wrong.gun blasts and shouts rang out in the base where they started a new game.the sound that sent shivers down his back wass medal clanking and gears grinding and the all out noise of the cy-bugs.Felix walked as quietly as he could closer to the battle feild.
"jimany jamany..."Felix gasp softly.
*Hero's Duty POV*
the moment the last player of the day got upset and left as the arcade closed everything went terrible.
"where's the first person shooter robot?!"Calhoun shouted she knew they needed the beacon and taking that robot out was the easiest way to end the game.several soldiers shrugged.
"haven't seen it since that kid threw down the gun and left!"Kohut shouted back.Calhoun grawled and continued to shoot."we'll have to light the beacon manually!"Kohut added.
"take a team with you and turn it on!the rest of you with me!do not let a single bug into that tower!"Calhoun shouted.
"yes Sergeant!"came the shouts of her men.
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16.It's not fair!!
It's not fair
Felix thought.he'd never seen anything other then Brad memories that had ever made his wife cry.nothing nothing at all.but this baby.this one little baby did.she was supposed to be heathly.this wasn't supposed to happen.Tamora had given birth to a little girl and they thought she was healthy but they only got to see her twice.Tamora was on her knee's crying and Felix punched the doctor.he went and sat beside her hugging her the best her could.
it's not fair!
Tamora pulled him in and cuddled him to her chest still crying.they didn't notice the outside world.
"not my baby."Calhoun muttered.she squeazed Felix tighter."not my little girl."Calhoun cried.
it's not fair!
"it's just not fudging fair!"Felix shook his head.he would stay strong for his wife.he had to she needed him right now.he'd be there for her he always was wether she needed him or not and right now she needed someone stable for matter how strong he pretended to be though,it would
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"Nooo-na,no,Sta-aha-p!TamAhaha!stahahahap!!"Felix shouted.he was laughing so hard he was crying.Tamora on the other hand was laughing but not hard enough to cry.
"oh-no!your not getting away that easy soldier!"Tamora replied.Felix couldn't stop laughing.he'd come home expecting to be first and have some time to try to forget about his bad day but Tamora had been first and she knew that look.then she'd attacked him and pinned him to the floor.before Felix knew what was happening he was laughing and squirming trying to get away.he tried to protect his ticklish sides but Tamora would find another place to attack.
"hahahahah!!Tahaha!!Tahahahamihehehe!!!sta-aha-p!!"Felix cried.his feet were kicking and his sides were hurting but she wouldn't stop."lehehehet m-me gaahahaha!!gohohohoho!!!!p-pahaha-pleahahaha-please!!ahahahahaha!!"Felix laughed.
"never!"Tamora replied.Felix reached up just trying to push her off.suddenly her tickling lessoned.he realized he was tickling her.he pounced on her a
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